The End of Fall

Reflections. I find myself reflecting especially hard now that this year is coming to a close. How LUCKY I am to be raising my daughter, to be doing something that I love everyday. Meeting families, making lifelong friends...this is all because of the gift that god has given me.


Drive, perseverance, a willingness to learn. I'm learning everyday - trying to make myself better as a wife, mother, small business owner. Life has taught me so many things...believe in yourself!


If this was me years ago shooting this newborn session, I would've had them move around the house..pose baby in awkward positions and had the kids focus on me the majority of the time. This is what I call perfection. Cranky baby, jittery toddlers, tired mom and dad just trying to pull it together for the hour I was with them. These photos are honest, and everything I have imagined I would deliver to a deserving family such as these guys! I will cherish these photos, as time has served me well and it shows in this session! Watch out 2020 babies, I'm coming for you!


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