The Lang Family

Ok - I'd like to begin this blog post as a lesson to everyone out included. 


I've known the Lang Family for some time now - they are the best. Unique, quirky...full of life. They hired me when I was just starting out a few years ago.. and I'm so eternally grateful for them asking me back ;). They aren't shy, their kids are perfect..and if you know anything about me I AIM to capture the true essence of what "them" really "is" (follow me if that makes any sense to you).


I arrive to the Lang household on their wedding party day 30 minutes prior reception...the kids are half naked..the bride is running around the house with her hair and makeup done..and daddy Lang is in freaking laser cat pajama pants with a huge smile on his face. Guys, this is real life.


As Mrs. Lang was getting her youngest ready, she was explaining to me the true essence of my photography..and how honest and truth telling it is. She is so right...The piles of stuffed animals that lay next to us while her little girl cries in agony about the "itchy dress." Mom to the rescue...cutting an undershirt to fit perfectly underneath..and here I am a photographer appointed matron of honor for the moment securing the back of her dress on one of the most special days of her life! 


I'm so lucky. This is may freaking job! I document, I record honest depictions of what true life is like for you and your family. You will miss this one day. The crying for mommy, the house that is a "mess" but really it is just LOVED. This day was an eye opener for me, and I thank the Lang Family for being so supportive. 

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