About Me


Hello and welcome! My name is Lindsay, and I am a newborn and lifestyle family photographer. I have two beautiful kids, an amazing husband and we live on a little slice of heaven in Mechanicsville, VA with our 20 animals. As a family we enjoy camping, church, snowboarding, river days with friends and tending to our small farm!


I graduated at the University of Hartford Art School, with a BFA in photography.. so I knew since the beginning that photography was my passion. I was 13 years old when I received my first digital camera, and since then have been photographing and developing film, spent years in the dark room printing, large format 4x5s, cyanotypes and all kinds of experimental photography. What an amazing trip it has been, and I am so lucky to have had my earliest experiences with these extremely talented fine art photographers.




Let loose and have FUN. My sessions usually end in a family pile up or tickle fight. Having fun is the key to a successful family shoot. 


Yes, I will pose you. I will tell you what looks right and what does not. But for the most part, this is a family led experience and I will follow your lead. 


It's all about the obvious; CONNECTION. Spend some close, intimate quality time with your family and let me do the rest.